New entity: Pack mule

Essentially another hearthling, but it can’t do anything besides carry stuff and transport it. It can return to a specified location where it’s caretaker, a hearthling (possibly promoted from trapper, like the shepherd, or promoted from shepherd, or just a shepherd as is), can reload it’s inventory. It acts as a hearthling, so you can start construction and it will just move over to the construction so hearthlings don’t have to walk across the town to acquire the supplies needed for construction, but can instead go remove it from the Mule. The Mule would have a slightly faster movement speed than a hearthling with normal happiness, and can carry a few times more, and when the inventory is empty they’d return to that specified location and be repacked, and return to the construction site if still needed. For example, if it could hold 64 blocks/items in it’s inventory, and you were building something that needed 128 blocks/items, it would need the blocks loaded according to how either you choose to load it or according to what the blueprint calls for, and after it’s loaded it will go to the construction site, it would linger there until it’s inventory was empty, then be repacked with the needed/specified supplies, then return. It would essentially keep going until not needed anymore. It could also be loaded by artisans if it was assigned to take stuff to stockpiles, and there could be specific hearthlings dedicated to unload the inventory into the stockpiles. Just a thought, in depth i think, but it seems cool to me.


Like the idea, it is very similiar to this suggestion:Logistics and more

Yeah, don’t think that person saw this though, because this was 28 days ago, whereas the one you linked was yesterday.