Suggestion: Porter Class

I’m envisioning a class called “Porter” or similar. The talisman would be created by the tailor, and would be some form of harness worn on the chest.

Immediate benefit: Porters can pick up and carry 2 items at the same time. This includes picking up stuff to take to a stockpile, rearranging stockpiles, or when you have told your hearthlings to place more than one of the same object.

Drawback: Wont build, mine or chop trees anymore, but will still harvest berries etc (and can carry two etc).

Level-up benefits:

Level 2: Runs 10% faster when carrying items

Level 3: Can now carry 3 items at a time

Level 5: You gain the ability to drag out a special porter stockpile. This stockpile can only contain a single type of resource (chosen when you drag it out, as usual) but the porter will treat stocking it as high priority. This would have major benefit when you’re building stuff a little way away from your main stockpiles. Instead of every worker building the house constantly running back and forth for wood, they only have to go to the temporary porter stockpike you dropped beside the house, because the porter is running back and forth keeping it stocked (carrying 3 items at a time).

This has potential great benefits if managed, but if not managed you’re wasting a standard worker slot because he wont mine or clear trees etc, so it fits the “having to juggle occupations” feel of the game, but is a good quality of life addition if you manage it well.

Only tricky part: Is there any facility in the game code to display more than one item in a hearthlings hands? I like the idea of being able to see him carrying a stack of 2 or 3 items at a time in front of his face :smile:

If this wasn’t something that Tom and co were interested in, does anyone feel like trying to mod it?


The tech tree already has a Miner class, an upgraded worker who does nothing but mine. It would make sense to have a dedicated hauling class [and possibly even a dedicated building class.]

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I like the idea of improving hauling capabilities - maybe his item could be a wooden backpack like the ones in Craft the World.

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I like the idea of a Worker class getting some sort of bonus for all the work they do, it bugs me they get no buff or leveling bonus while being the hardest working group tbh