Role played more

What I would like to see is the chance to have a role playing village / town of busy little people.

my suggestion would be for the likes of the cook being aloud to be a cook but maybe own the resturant. simple solution would be to creat the cooking area and seating close in a building as a setup but have a specialized container that they get their food from, or like a grocery store shelving. now I can do this in game to a degree at the moment. but a small mod could improve the shop style of this. a longer version would be the cook does not farm but cooks and serves food to a drop point (serving area) like a bar where people will come and eat. now what about the food the cook needs well he goes to the farm or store and collects the food from them now only the cook or allowed hauler can withdraw from this shop / box if its set or you can set this store to access for all etc. think of settlers 2 logistics but with store fronts .

ill try again :smile:
field of carrots- farmer gathers puts in his static food stall at the end of his drive- cook/cooks helper picks up carrots takes to the kitchen cooks a fine meal/stores in cooks fridge - cook pets fine meal on banquet table / dumb waiter - local miner is hungry and stops by for a snack/ collects a meal and takes to the bench out side to enjoy the sunset.

rabbit is trapped by trapper- trapper skins and puts meat in a cart/ storage for sale to the local cook / skin goes on a rack for the tailor- cook goes as above/ tailor picks up skin and fashions a fluffy pair of slippers- puts in their window of thier store - local miner just finished his meal spies them in the window and wants them so goes into store for them.

what im trying to say is I can manipulate the storage and design a shop to do each of this in game now , but would be nice to see a more direct game mechanic that would allow this. like a food cart only accessable by cook to withdraw and farmer to deposit or a nice looking tanning rack to store hides on, or a fancy long table to store them fluffy shoes , or a sword rack for the black smith to hang the new range of swords that is accessed only by the warriors and knights.
I dont want to include currency but want to limit the flow through goods so you have a stronger balance.

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