Usefull furniture and new gameplay mechanics

Basic idea is to implement immersive furniture with usefull functions:

-Feeding trough: source of food for civilized animals
-Animal sleeping places: a small nest for poyo or even small hut, hay stack for sheeps etc. additionaly the gamemechnaic can be changed so the maximum number of animals has to be equal to available sleeping places, instead of the zone size. The shepherd zone could be use for cheap feeding area, so the animals can be fed but you’ll need to change this zone, to regenerate the grass. Additionally they could not breed and grow/generate slower resources aslong as you don’t provide special food. That way animals could be hold inside of buildings and caves, create day/night cycles and add a bit of balance.
-compost bin: rotten food and animal poop is gathered here to produce fertilizer, which is used for crop boost or as must have item for “advanced” crops. Shepherds care of the poop and the cook care of the rotten food.
-specialized storage containers with own gui, bulkstorage and cosmetic versions:

  • Grain silos, a huge wodden barrel or clay jar, used to store only one type of grain (corn, wheat, rice etc) but in huge quantaties (about 200 and more). Model would be bigger than the forge, with stairs around it so it will be filled from the top and emptied at the bottom
  • fortified Storage area, a simple foundation with small borders (imagine something like the campfire just wider) made out of stone. Can storage only one type of raw resource but stacks 'em visually like pyramids (something like it was made in stronghold).
  • Potion cupboard. Can storage only potions, but shows the models and if you click on it, you can select the potion and use it. Yet we can use potions only if they’re placed as decoration or inside the stockpile zone.
  • Crafters store/display. Can storage only unit of each stored item, but shows as little models. In the gui the crafter type is chosen and only fitting items produced/refined items will be stored. Usage would be to mainly imitate a store/market and not storing huge amounts of items. Additionaly stored can taken out of the item cap, so hearthlings don’t use 'em unless you order to empty the storage.
    -big kettle:
    used by the herbalist to make huge amount of one potion at the same time, triggable to buff the whole village (maybe nerf the small potions or simply replace them, for balancing and having the item cap in mind, you would have less single items and still have the buff mechnics)
    used by the cook to make stews and soups (instead of single stew items), one kettle can only contain one stew/soup but can satisfy 10 or more hearthlings. If available the hearthlings will eat from the kettle instead of grabbing random items. Player has to order different types of stews/soups, so the hearthlings don’t get bored. Additionaly teas and other drinks could be served there. The soup kettle could replace the soup items, that way we would consume more resource items without creating new ones.
    -Big and Small Buffet table:
    similar to the big kettle, the big and the small buffet table are used as food source with the highest priority. So i got 2 ideas how to implement it:
  1. the player creates manually a buffet using different raw or cooked items, the buffet satisfies a calculated amount of hearthlings and all used items will be consumed. The cook will recreate the buffet daily and a buffet cycle could be implemented so the player can save his menu creations, switching 'em automaticly.
  2. The cook places randomly different items, depending on the number of hearthlings (and the size of the table).
    both versions could be used at the same time, version 1 is more micromanagement related but the player can guarantee that several items will be used, while version 2 is automatic, but needs more calculation (=“wasted” performance)
    Using the kettle/buffet mechanic, guarantees that the items will be consumed completely (less wasted items), hearthlings don’t need to search/carry around their food among the village and it looks immersive.
    -event used furniture:
    -Signal horn /alarm bell: used by hearthlings to call footmen, so you don’t need to call back the whole village.
    -Scarecrow: many fields of crops will attract randomly birds, which try to feast on them, so a scarecrow is needed for protection.
    -fishing boat / fishing supply: only usable then a fish swarm/shool spawns near the village and is triggered by the player. used by normal workers. making fishing as an event prevents simply overproduction of fish and doesn’t need an extra class.

-Military furniture:
-Patrol flag, used by footman as patroling anchor, if you place more than one they start patroling between them.
-Guard post, a post used by a knight, but without patrolling
-Ranger outpost/ crownest: a small platform automaitcally used by archers. Extends the sightrange (not atk range) alarms the villagers
such furniture could implement tactical element without creating to many functions inside the unit/group ui


feeding trough :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry i misspell a lot too

whaaat? Got no idea what you mean :smiley:

Like this one the best though

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yeah got more such idea’s will edit the main post later. To create a realistic “living” village such features would be amazing^^

Agree. Better than just throwing the food on the ground. At least for rabbits, yaks etc. I guess it’s kind of in the nature of a poyo to dig/pick from earth.

Sounds interesting. I would like some kind of trash/poop system for the hearthlings themselves as well, because in such oftenly crowded medieval cities some kind of waste management was an issue. If there are no cleaners, the waste would lie around and make the hearthlings sick. I was also thinking that hearthlings might have a little break time where they play games, walk around the city, look at deco, do some before mentioned pooping etc., because right now they are working like 15 hours a day, only taking a break to eat or sleep and absolutely have no life of their own. So you could like manage their free time and sleeping time zones. If you don’t give them enough free time they will get stressed, which makes them slower and eventually sick. This would also increase the difficulty, because the productive time of the hearthlings is cut by another 20-25% and they will need some objects to enjoy their break with.

Might be interesting with the recent limit for items in the village inventory.

I guess something like that could be implemented as decoration element for each crafter, but I don’t think they will act as a store or show the stored items.


I always liked making tiny stockpiles in my crafters’ [work]“shops”. It would be nice to see more specific control over something like this compared to regular stockpiles, crates, etc.

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Something I have been thinking about. Troughs at least, the rest of the critter stuff would be nice too. So I like those ideas.

Unsure of the silo, but having a separate UI for that would help and might be the best solution on paper; it would be more of a thing to code. Don’t really know though, but either way having mainly the critters food to be selectable would be nice.

Don’t know about the structures, as this isn’t an RTS or your average colony builder type game. So buildings I would say not, but something like a bed for each might be more viable. So that way they will know where to go. Unless of course it is pretty small to begin with; then you have something like a coop that acts as a clown car oddly enough.

As to the potion thing, I would think the town potion would be weaker version; so to keep the reasoning for making the smaller ones. After all you are using it on entire town. that would be a more liable solution to what gets nerf or balanced… I would think anyway.

Like all that ideas. :smiley:


thanks for feedback guys! I added few lines to already existing suggestions and added new ideas.

Is this thread purely about farming improvements or other stuff too? :slight_smile:

I’d like to see an armorstand linke in minecraft where i can see the beautiful breastplates, helmets and shields.
A weaponrack would be cool too for the same reason and hot having my hearthlings rummage through all crates with crafted stuff. (“Where is that darn sword? I know i threw it in here!” :smiley: )
Would enable us to build some barracks of a kind. Crates are in every building. So all buildings distinguish themselves only through their exterior. Interior is almost always the same. Bed, crates, crafting station… Baracks are warehouses with beds… -.-

Dressers should only hold clothing.
Crates set up below surface (and therefore cooler) should hold food much longer before it starts to rot. Anyone thinking of a storage cellar?

An early (carpenter buildable) trash bin could be the collecting spot for the crafters leftovers (which is produced in low quantity with each produced item). Without a trash bin next to the crafting station (max. 5 blocks away) leftovers go to waste. Then these leftovers can be taken to the compost bin mentioned before.

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nah i just gather here ideas and try to add functional things, solving issues (like inventory cap, pinponging, hearthlings not eating cooked food)
and adding furniture only as decorations is also boring.

Well then the armorstand and weaponrack are not decorations but dedicated storage places.
Dressers hold no items atm.
And the trash bin is meant to ‘produce’ the leftovers you want to compost but not take up precious storage space. So the crafter can take it’s crap to the compost bin if his trash is full instead of walking there every time his backpack is full of crap. :wink:

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I really like these farm improvement suggestions.

This would also be handy.

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updated topic with military furniture.