Suggested Items, Mobs, and Features

This is just a list of a number of different things in the game that I would like to see.
It wouldn’t surprise me if half of these things have already been suggested, I didn’t really take the time to look. The other half are probably (fingers crossed) already on the drawing board or in development.

I’ll try to keep the list somewhat organized by listing them under categories.

:yellow_heart: = Personal favorite.

Mobs (Passive)

  • Cows (for milk, butter, and meat)
  • :yellow_heart: Goats (for milk, cheese, and meat)
  • Oxen (a load bearers?)
  • Fish (as a resource)
  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Dogs


  • Sugar cane


  • Placable dirt/water
  • Steel safes (container)
  • :yellow_heart: Containers that only allow specific item types to be placed inside.
  • Weapons racks (weapons)
  • Armor racks (armors)
  • Stone piles (stone)
  • Log piles (wood)
  • Kegs (drinks)
  • Scarecrows
  • Fire pits
  • Candles
  • Torches ground(long)/wall(short)
  • Stone drinking wells
  • Iron/Gold doors/wall gates
  • Flower pots

How cool would it be to make a logging camp where you can watch as your hearthlings go to and from a pile of logs to collect/deposit resources? Or to watch as your hearthlings arm themselves at weapon racks inside an armory.

Every color of the rainbow wood/stone for roofing.
Better/alternate wood log wall texture.
Alternate vertical log wall texture. (as opposed to the current horizontal texture)


  • Thirst (survival requirement)
  • Fisherman (class)
  • Fences placed using the newer standalone wall designer
  • :yellow_heart: Blank designer world where there are no hearthlings, all building resources are available and infinite.
    This would allow people to quickly and cleanly make building templates that they could save/share and use in their worlds.
  • Click and control footmen (guards) to tell them where to go.
  • Console command to place x amount of an item at your town center (fire pit.)
  • :yellow_heart: Ability to manually assign beds to hearthlings.
  • Ability to assign workers to assist a crafter. (bringing them resources for their recipes etc.)
  • :yellow_heart: Ability to give footmen patrol routes and guard points.


  • When a building is finished and the scaffolds remain in the world for too long because the hearthlings are unable to remove them, then remove them automagically.
  • Less mountains or an option for less mountains when generating a world.

There are probably a bunch of other things that I can’t recall right now, but these are all the ones at the top of my head for the moment. I hope others in the community like these ideas and share their own.


The team’s already confirmed that they feel cows are too mainstream and have chosen to go with yaks instead. Tom said that fishing will be “something for your Hearthlings to do when they’re idle” but I don’t know how that will work out resource-wise. As far as birds go, chicken-like birds called Poyos (or Buckbucks in the Old Language) are supposed to come in Alpha 12. I don’t know about wild birds. Cats and dogs are definitely going to be in as Kickstarter backer rewards, but I don’t know if versions of them will show up in the regular game (though there’s been a bit of discussion about them as DLC.)

The geomancer will probably allow for placing dirt and grass. For now, dirt can be faked with two of the wooden slabs, and grass slabs have been modded in, but there will definitely be ways to place dirt and grass in the base game in the future.

The team’s modeled pipes before, so irrigation, and therefore moving water, is definitely going to be a thing.

There are definitely going to be massive additions there.

Again, fishing is probably going to be an idle activity rather than a job.

I don’t know if that specifically is going to happen, but the team’s mentioned that they want to put in an easier way to place fences.

Bed ownership or something like it is supposed to return… someday. Once they get a better system worked out.