I Have A Qustion Related To Workshop Modelling

Here is my question:

Can you upgrade workbenches, tools, and other wood related objects in-game?

It was just mentioned in the running stream (updating the carpenter) that this might be a nice idea. You can even see a first shot of the tool bench for the carpenter.

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Apparently they just decided to have workshop upgrades as a definite feature of the game. How that impacts the rest of the elements of the game hasn’t been decided… for example are certain tools (thus tools to start new classes) going to need a certain workbench level has yet to be decided.

I would like to see at least three levels of workshops if this is fully implemented. A “basic” version that is quite crude, an intermediate level, and an “advanced” level that looks really fancy with gilded edges and the finest materials.

(as an example) thanks to @Zendorf for this image from tonight’s stream: