The evolving workshop sugestion

Hey everyone,

First of all pls excuse my writing. English is not my mother language and even in my mother toung I am horrible at writing so there are going to be many mistakes.

I was thinking about more interaction between the diffrent professions. When I started the game for the first time and set up my carpenter the first thing I did was create little stockpile next to him just for wood so that he does not have to walk far to get the wood. This is a habbit from my dwarf fortress times ;).
Looks like this:

So this got me thinkin, if I set it up other people may find it usefull and it is more efficient.
So I was thinking of including a storage box near every workshop. Sounds great works great.
Well but for it to work you need space for more than just the work bench and even the work bench is a bit boring I think.

So I started to create evolvable workshops in my mind.
I am going to use the blacksmith as example:

So the whole process of setting up the workshop would not be take a block of stone and done.
This would be:

  • promote the guy
  • claim area
  • build floor
  • build smelter (by the Mason)
  • build a anvil casting (by mason)
  • take iron ore to smelter and unse the anvil casting to create the anvil
  • build workbenches (carpenter or mason)
  • build water bucket (carpenter or mason)
  • put up the storage box just for ores

Concept looks like this:

Right so I hope this ilustrates the concept :slight_smile:
I made this for the other jobs as well:







So I love to hear everybodys opinion onto this idea. If you liked it you might want to check out @Sandwitch suggestion as well Multi oppurtunity classes.

If you like the concept leave a ike to show the devs this is desired :wink:



well multiple (and shared) workshops are currently being worked on, just so you know… :wink:

though i do like the way you set this up.


I really like the idea + the illustrations + screenshots + workflow + time you spent on this :slight_smile:

Great work.

I will build similar shops for my guys.

Thumbs up


I love the idea, well explained! I hope that when the multiple workshops come in Alpha 12, some of these things come with it. :smiley: