A few villager upgrades

I just had a few thoughts to do with villager upgrades.
Perhaps and upgrade from the average worker is an architect. Architects may be required to plan bigger and better structures e.g. Cathedrals (Is there religion/mythology?), bridges and political structures (Prisons?).
Also specialization in trades like craftsmen. Some may have a knack for furniture but other craftsmen may be skilled in bow making. Likewise for smiths. Some better with various metal items others with a weapon specific field.
Lastly will there be a large amount of different woods and metals/alloys. Allowing for more in depth trade and weapon statistics. Also different woods may vary in colour giving a way of making uniquer buildings.
Pick this to pieces at your pleasure, happy for a discussion.

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Different materials with different attributes (colour, strength, etc) has been pretty much confirmed by the developers. However I love the idea of subclass specialisation.

I’m glad to hear about the materials. I’d like to also see other natural materials too like mammoth tusks.
Seems like the developers are in my head. Most things I think of are already confirmed its great!

Maybe in the glacier biome have a considerable lack of trees (still have a few pines about) but lots of mammoths so their tusks replace the wood?

Yes! That sounds like it. It adds more diversity and reason to explore tougher landscapes. Also monster materials like hides.

I think I saw leather armour in a picture of armour progression? Don’t quote me on that though

Yeah I saw that. But rarer beasts tougher hides possibly.

Bear hide armour! I like it already

Troll hide? Dragon hide? Make the most of a mammoth - mammoth hide! Heck I could make a list of all the materials in mind, but it would be massive.

If its not in the game initially (it probably will be) make the mod ourselves?

Something I’ve always wanted to do, but a step learning curve. It could be fun. I’d give it a stab.

I’m learning to use Qubicle atm so you know, could happen

Well I should catch up on that too! Even learn a little lua on the side. I need a project like this.

It’s good for the soul! Or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: