Upgrade option for trade skills

I’d like to see a new option for trade skill workers called “Overtime” or “Improve” something similar to either replace or accompany one of the four options they have in the town roster (build, haul, mine, job I believe). I’d like it to function as follows.
If you have the carpenter set to “overtime” then he/she will automatically go through your town and improve the quality of everyday items. They’ll go into all the homes (taking materials with them) and upgrade the mean bed to a comfy one. They’ll repair doors or fences as long as it’s made by their trade.
The cook will constantly make food as long as there is a surplus of certain ingredients, without you having to go specifically assign certain items. Maybe the cook can be promoted to Chef in order to do that. Making new but also a variety of different meals to appease the changing appetites of the hearthlings (This would be near and dear to me as I am a chef).

I’d like others to put some ideas on how this might work to flesh the idea out more. This is simply something I had considered while playing a couple days ago.


I love this idea but it should only be available to the level 6 or higher if they want, that should be an end game skill


My thought was it being unlocked with the “10,000” hours skill. Whatever that might be.

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It should also be a 50% chance of success

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I really like this idea. I can’t take down old windows and replace them with nicer quality windows, this would fix that.

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Literally was just looking for this. I always get carpenters with high skill but have a carpenters house that looks like shit because no fancy doors.only problem is that you should have to select which ones need improving. Ordinary lamps look good on normal houses, the blue ones look great on the town houses (blacksmith house)

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Actually, I think this should be available anytime you have I piece that is Fine quality or higher. I would think that if a carpenter can build a Fine Dinning Table, that they should be able to replace and normal one.

It could be set using an “Improve and/or Replace” marker much lick harvest or mine, but only set up for each class. A carpenter would upgrade or improve things they can make and a mason could do the same.

I like this idea that would make the game better and I find cool

I love the idea of the crafters having an option to upgrade existing common items into the Fine version!! Could save mats AND time doing it this way.

It would HAVE to remain an option that can be turned off/on (the option in the town roster would work). Definitely not a skill they automatically get and act upon. Sometimes you don’t want the fine version of an item for aesthetic reasons, they don’t always go with your vision of the building. An option to directly select which items you want your workers to upgrade would be great too.

You might need certain items for trades, and if your crafters are just using up all the mats it could leave ya empty handed. Granted there could be a threshold you set to activate the excess production. Another problem is resources used by multiple classes like wood. If I set my Blacksmith to make 150 ingots, the system would need to set the wood needed for those ingots into a separate state so my Carpenter wouldn’t be able to use any of it for their upgrades/repairs. Because while all that wood would be considered excess for my Carpenter, it’s not for my Blacksmith.

I don’t really see the cook being a problem. Just have to go in once and use the maintain feature and they automatically replace stuff. If the problem is too much food (which I’ve seen numerous people mention in other threads), then the cook isn’t the problem the farmers are. When the farmers hit level 3 and get abundant harvests, crops should be reduced. I understand if folks are pushing for a steady stream of new hearthlings, but once you’re capped on villagers that stuff is a nightmare lol. I know I’ve had this issue. I couldn’t sell food fast enough to keep me out of the inventory overload danger zone. When I realized what was going on that solved everything, and made me feel like a dork for not realizing what it was sooner lol.

A lot of the issues with replacing regular items with fine will be solved when we get the new building system they’re working on. Furniture is easy enough, just undeploy it and place the fine version in it’s place. With the changes discussed on the stream, replacing your basic windows/doors with the Fine version will be possible.

Oops forgot about the crafting stream too lol. They’re gonna be revamping the crafting system at some point too, to be more of an effort based system. Durability was mentioned in there as well, so maybe our crafters will be doing repairs anyway. :jubilant: