Apprenticing Workers

It would be nice to be able to assign certain Worker class units to a craftsman. This specialized worker would only (or maybe not only but at least with higher preference) haul objects and use stockpiles related to his assigned craftsman. In exchange, the worker gains slow experience in the class he is an apprentice for, so when the former craftsman needs to be replaced or supplemented with a new one, the apprentice has a head-start.


I’d want to apprentice crafters, even. Just so I can finally use that one unskilled immigrant carpenter who doesn’t have the stuff I need to craft unlocked without crafting a ton of stuff I don’t need first.


Perhaps also limit who can be the master in such a relationship to a certain level of experience, and/or modify how much XP is gained according to the level of the master? Obviously, a Level 1 carpenter is going to have less to teach and be less able to teach than a level 6 master carpenter.

For Footmen, this could also possibly instead be set up so if a low level guard patrols alongside or is apprenticed to a battle-hardened veteran of many goblin attacks, they will learn more of the strengths and weaknesses of their enemy, and be better equipped in battle.

I agree that promoting one carpenter only to lose all the knowledge of his recipes seems silly. Apprentices kind of solve the problem but that feels more like work to me and less fun. That would mean in order to take an upgrade to another class, I need to first do an apprentice for a while or else I have to craft 10 useless wooden window frames to get my recipes back.

I think I would rather just always have access to most if not all recipes once I unlock them. It might be neat if there were really special recipes specific to that one person that could go away, but that’s another discussion.

I like the idea of master level determining the amount of shared XP, creates an interesting trade-off. You can apprentice right away and have two relatively equal leveled tradesmen but it will take awhile. Alternatively, you can wait until you have a highly skilled tradesmen and train up an apprentice to competence relatively quickly.

Apprenticing warrior classes would essentially be a knight/squire relationship so no problems there.

I don’t know how it sounds like more work when currently you have to start from scratch with every new person you promote to a class.

I do agree that learned recipes should be there for all future members of a class (with the exception of masterwork or elaborate items maybe). It doesn’t make sense that that information would just go away and not be recorded in some kind of recipe book or public knowledge once it’s discovered.

The apprentice relationship would be about gaining class skills early, like the trapper’s movement speed boost, or advanced footman attacks. I’m assuming crafting professions also have passive boosts and skills that could be passed on (faster crafting speed, material rebates for completed items, etc.).


From tonight’s development feed, Tom was working on the Bellows for the forge, I was thinking about an Master & Apprentice system. Maybe not now, but a basic one, and for certain classes maybe :S?

Soo, In your town you have a LvL 8 Blacksmith, and a new blacksmith comes to town (LVL 1), with the bellows, and such the apprentice could make ingots (something basic) and the Master Blacksmith can forge the weapons and Armor. But when there is no demand for ingots, the apprentice can Organize the Blacksmith’s Stockpiles, Work the Bellows, the minor duties of the black smith shop. This could also cause the Apprentice to gain small amounts of Experience.

What do you think? Is there any holes? maybe something missing for the concept? Small Tweak?, Opinions?

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your suggestion has been discussed in a few places, but I think we’ll merge it with a more recent (related) thread…

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If you scroll up in the thread, you can get up to speed with what we’ve already discussed, and hopefully add some new thoughts.

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Two Months later…
I have a new idea for apprenticing. So, when a higher level hearthling gains xp while a lower level hearthling with the same profession is idle, the lower level hearthling gets a tiny bit of xp to.

Or perhaps when you get a craftsmen to max level they become a “Master Craftsman” in their trade, and give off a bonus XP aura to any lower level tradesmen in the same trade who are working near them.

For example, say I have a max level blacksmith but I want to upgrade him to an engineer. I don’t want to lose my blacksmithing so before I upgrade him to an engineer I would use him to train his replacement.

EDIT: Actually I guess you would just train up a new blacksmith until it reached the level required to become an engineer, and not upgrade the master blacksmith himself.

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