Workstation Upgrades

Workstation upgrades

With each profession there is a workstation, but what if you could improve them to not only make new recipes, but also create better quality items? Improved Workstations, where using other professions, you can help each hearthling help each other.

Carpenters Sawmill:
This would be built using wood, steel and the combined efforts of a Carpenter and Engineer (eventually) to create this advancement that your town needs, giving more accurate cuts and making way for much larger and more complex creations!

Weavers Loom:
Using wood and string, the Weaver and Carpenter (And potentially engineer?) would come together to create the loom, giving faster work with fibres and string as well as higher quality armor!

Blacksmiths Forge:
Of course, the Mason would be required to create this feat of technological advancement in Blacksmithing. Stone and fire together to make a forge. Making more precisely crafted weapons and ingots and automatic ingot smelting!

Masons Crane:
Helped in making Castle related and other large stone objects, the Masons Crane would allow for heavier lifting of stone, giving the Mason easier flexibility on the scales of his projects. Through wood, rope and a little ingenuity, the Carpenter and the Engineer could create the crane.

Hunters Net Trap:
Animals are often prone to falling for the simple bait traps, but what about other kinds of traps? The Hunters Net Traps. created via Ropes would be extensively helpful in catching more prey. The Weaver can careful craft this invention and give the hunter a new edge in hunting, by camouflaging the net and hanging it over a tree branch to catch an unsuspecting animal.

Farmers Plow:
The farmer moves slowly in his work, taking the time to make sure each square of land is plowed properly. This is where the plow comes in. Using steel and wood with the efforts of the Carpenter and Blacksmith, the Farmers Plow would speed up the work of the farmer drastically, potentially giving better quality soil as it plows through 3x1 blocks (horizontal to the plow) with each push.

Will provide screenshots demonstrating their exact appearance and function (to avoid misconception)
Leave feedback below please, thanks :smile:


HI FiredHigh,

You have some cool ideas.

But the devs said they want as little micor management as possible.
this means as little workstations as possible, but they do want to maintain some realism.
They already said they would make a Blacksmith forge(the model is already made, check the previous streams to see it), this will be the place to melt the ingots.

They also said that in the future they would like to remove personal workshops so that any carpenter can use any workbench available. this will make it far easier to mod it yourself(I think, dont know for sure).

The reason they didnt make these changes yet is beacuse they have other priorities.

anyways cool ideas, I really like the plow idea

[quote=“Oldra, post:2, topic:11905”]
They already said they would make a Blacksmith forge(the model is already made, check the previous streams to see it)
[/quote]They also have a model for a weaver’s loom:


Which sparked some discussion here:


Of course :slight_smile: Maybe the modding community could give it a go at attempting to create some of these? We have a great bunch of modders there :blush: Thanks Oldra

The one closest to the camera is the one I had in mind :slight_smile: I’ll use that maybe in my topic :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks coasterspaul

When you say improve, are you talking about say a carpenters workbench Actually becoming a sawmill? Because I think it would work better if they were still separate.

So the weaver, for an example, starts with a spinning wheel where they make thread, then you build a loom where they make cloth, and then a workbench where they make apparel and other items. I think that was the original idea with the crafters anyway, though I may be wrong.

They would be added on :slight_smile:
It wouldn’t replace the entire workbench, because the bench is still needed for working :stuck_out_tongue:

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So like one big work station with lots of parts?

Exactly! :smile:
I figured that would be the best way to do it in the end :blush:

This is only partially true. They want to avoid a large amount of tedious micromanagement, but allow you to dig in and micro things to increase output. The notable example is their idea on irrigation, which should still be somewhere in the original kickstarter pitch information.

On to the main topic however, I like the idea of having a workshop style of doing things. That is, you would have multiple stages of work, rather than just banging on a table. So you have a workbench with tools, a sawmill, etc, all in the carpenter’s shop. It allows for a more interesting item progression, and it gives purpose to actually making workshops, rather than just putting tables next to stockpiles.


I like this too :slight_smile: The original reason I decided to write out this idea was because I wanted that item progression :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the support :blush: