Crafter workshops++?

Is my understanding right on this - No longer are goods built on ONE workshop, you now simply go to a goods menu and demand X item, the crafter dude then might go and use one or more of his workshops to build the item. So the blacksmith will use the forge to cast the metal, heat the metal then use the anvil to make the tool? Because that is brilliant, little workshops with multiple steps to make items will be great to watch!

Even better if things like the bellows on the forge, or a saw for the carpenter, could take a lot of effort and time to use. Then to be powered by wind or water wheels later on for much quicker work!

Would also love to see workshops required by the farmer or trapper, for example a small lean-to shed that holds the seeds or traps.


Not sure if you’re asking if this is implemented, or making a suggestion :smile: It sounds like you’re asking if this is the way it works now, and the answer would be very much “No”. You still have to click on each individual workbench (workshop) and order the specific items to be built (so also ingredients). But the concept you describe is a very good one and, let’s be honest, pretty much a necessity for this game, because after a while it becomes difficult to manage producing each bar of iron in order to produce a sword for one of your footmen.


The new crafter workshop system was pushed back to Alpha 12 for now. I don’t know that a crafter will necessarily use multiple workshops for one recipe, but everything else sounds exactly as it has been described so far.


Yes, this is the plan. But might take a few alpha’s to be implemented.

Bellows are already made, but the rest I dont know. There is a mod that planned that, but does not work with the current alpha.

Me too mate, me too. Let’s just pray. :pray:

is this on the update 11?

multiple workshops wont be until alpha 12, most likely.