Weaver's workbenchs crafting

Because the weaver’s workbenchs are fine pieces of technology made of wood, what if they where build by the carpenter lvl 3 (with one condition, having a weaver promoted)?
I ask because I find strange the weaver is able to do such complicated workbenchs when his jobs has nothing to do with the art of wood!


Very Good point! 20 chars

I realise that normally the Carpenter is the one who crafts the weaver’s talisman, but you are also able to buy one from the Embark screen. There will be a problem when you are able to make a Weaver, but you do not yet have a level 3 Carpenter.

If you still wanted to make this change, you would at least want the Weaver to be able to use his Spindle to craft Wool or Silkweed Bundles into Thread without going to a Workbench.

Good point but then as the weaver is not THAT necessary at the very early game I would simply remove the Spindle for the shop…

And talking about that, I was thinking it would be nice to add a few cooked food for the trip to give a teaser of the cook class (and the poyo!) that will come much later in game.

So it would be for example:


  • The trapper’s knife
  • The farmer’s hoe
  • The wooden sword
  • A corn bread
  • An omelette
  • A poyo pot pie

Could be cool, no?


When they were doing the stream planning out the Embark Screen, there was some talk about adding “material packs” you can buy in the embark screen which have multiple items for a particular crafter. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added a purchaseable food pack in eventually (although the friendly guy who gives you food on the first day would then give you something else).


Yep material would be nice too but anyway, one should not be able to buy ton of stuff, eventually the trapper’s knife (with is a must I think) + 2 or 3 more items that are not another tool…


I believe Tom brought this up on stream for the cook. He said that having other crafters make the cook’s workbenches would be more realistic, but also more complicated - this would mean a lot of rethinking of their current setup.

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I guess it’s a question of changing who do what in the files. After the translation I’m working on I’ll try a mod to see how it feels.

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