A little thing about dual worker and queue for item :D

Hello everyone !
I was wondering if it’s possible when you have for the exemple two weaver and you order them to craft ten spool of thread to make them directly split the craft in two :smiley: (my english is so bad sorry guyz :smiley: ) until of crafting β€œ5” and another β€œ5” for making them working together on the same task :smiley:

It’s not that bad but i loose some time :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for reading :smiley:


and placing 2 workbenches 1 for each weaver so they can both work on there own thing?


It’s allready what i’m doing ^^ i’m just talking about the queue :smiley:
When you have the two workbench, the two weaver and you craft 20 spool of thread, you have to craft 10 and 10 ! if you craft 20, only one weaver will work even if the queue is empty after the 20 spool :o


so the quee is the same regardless off the amount of workbenches? usally i don’t have more then 1 for each profession so not really experience with it

Yep, it look like it is !
The only way to make your two weaver craft is to split the amounf of item you want to craft !
Like i said, it’s not that bad, i mean, it’s just me who is too lazy :smiley:

But maybe some people think like me :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s possible to add to the game. Although the code should take into account crafter levels - if you have 1 pro-weaver and 1 apprentice, there can be a situation when a queue has a pack of items only the pro can make.
Ideally it should be toggle-able (in case you want to level your apprentice and keep a pro for difficult work only).