[130] Carpenter and Weaver queue system is awesome!

I have my weaver making thread and cloth - keeping some number in the stockpile. I had my carpenter making beds that require cloth. The weaver ran out of thread making supplies which shutdown the carpenters work. But as soon as more silk weed was available the weaver resumed her task and the carpenter as soon as cloth was available. That was an awesome piece of machinery.

Great job Team Radiant.


Yeah, the queue system seems to be working pretty well at present :slight_smile: . Only thing that might be worth adding would be a visual icon to show where work has slowed/stopped due to lack of resources (little red exclamation mark over the carpenter’s workshop for example).


Yeah I think that would be a great idea.

good suggestion! there have been a fair number of times when I’ve set my guys to task, and watched as my lovely little weaver would haul wood from dusk to dawn… never realizing that she was just missing an ingredient or two… :blush:


What I’d really like to see would be the craftsmen’s ability to skip tasks it can’t complete in the queue and move on to others in the queue it can complete.

Example: I want to maintain 6 spools of thread and 2 bolts of cloth in my stockpile. If there aren’t any plants available to make spools with, skip to making bolts of cloth.


We really want to add notifications to the queue, but right now, the pathfinder has no “look only this far and no farther” constraint on it yet. When that optimization is in, we will definitely add some indication. :slight_smile:

@Ramcat, glad the maintain code is working out for your thread ->cloth ->bed workflow. :slight_smile: