Autoqueing Chain

Like always, the update-video was very interesting! THank you for always bringing this. Wish more Kickstarter Projects would care for their game as much as you do.

In the video, you told us that you won’t integrate autoqueue chains (like autoqueueing sign for the blacksmith sign) , since the chains can get very big. My suggestion is: Why not limit how far the chain can reach? If a certain item only has a 1- or 2-item chain, why not allow this? And if it’s a 3-item chain, the game with give the player a message “item xy for building xy needs certain generic items”. This way, the player is informed of what he has to do when the chain gets to long and also safes alot of work if the itemchain is only 1-2 item big! :slight_smile:


Would be nice too, but I can live without it so far.
Currently keep all my workshops with orders of maintaining ressources up to the maximum amount of the biggist item this class could produce. For example my weaver has to maintain 3 threads, 5 cloth and 3 leather at any time to ensure I have his ingredients stocked enough to produce everything that relys on his workshop.

My smith on the other hand currently works differently so far. I manually order him to produce metal bars of every kind until the ore runs out and only keep qeues up for equipment, since I want to lower the size of my stash but maintain best equipment for all of my classes.

Anyway all my qeues look a lil’ longer since I also order my weaver for example to ensure I always have one of every cosmetic item in my stock.