Worker Workflows

Hi Folks,

It would be nice if a worker could tell you why their work is blocked. or that they were being attacked, or that they are stuck and hungry. I picked somethings that already have notifications because it makes sense that these would all use the same system.

A simple example would be a comfy bed being blocked because there is no bed or no cloth.

This sort of system could get fairly advanced fairly quickly, with queues of tasks based on job and different workers of that job taking what they can from the queue. Any agent, whether player or worker, could place things on queues, with the player having greater priority. The workbench has a queue already, but I find it confusing to use. Also, nearly every job should have a similar queue, that being said, it’s unclear to me how those queues should be exposed to players.

When I tell a weaver to make clothing that requires cloth, it should know that it can make the string and the cloth itself, it shouldn’t need to be in the stockpile. Maybe the queues could be tunable such that a player may never want weavers to make cloth without explicitly being told. I guess a way to solve this would be to allow players to make “workflows” much like there are building templates, in fact a building template would be a special case of a workflow.

Thanks again for making such an interesting game.


I would not be surprised if was already talked about by Team Radiant, if it wasn’t yet it will soon.

This will almost for sure be added, it is necessary as the game gets larger.

I believe this was discussed somewhere on the discourse, something like carpenter specific stockpiles or something.