Good job dev and a BIG thanks!

Back to the time i discovered this game and bough it and created my first thread : A little thing about dual worker and queue for item :D
I used to play a lot but my old computer and performance problem was really hard to handle to report you the best i can the bug i encounter in game !

Now we are the 25/04/2018, i reinstalled the game from a long time with a new computer and i can really see a lot of thing have changed and have been added and it’s really feel like i can play and enjoy it !

You guyz love this game, it can’t be denied and i want to thanks you for all the love and kindness you put in it !

Multiplayer is coming and i will be really happy to test with my best friend and reporting bug as they show up :smiley:

I want to thanks you a lot because this game is still one of my dream of a game !
I waited a long time to see it being “alive” one day :smiley:

Keep doing a great job and many thanks to have make this dream a real thing !

I look forward your next feature with impatience !

Just…thanks you everyone ! :blush:

Sorry for my very bad english !

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thank you! People enjoying the game is what makes it worth developing.


And i really did :smiley: ! Every new thing is a way for me to love it even more !