Long Time No Play!

Its been about a year since I’ve played StoneHearth. Today I played for about 6 hours and OMG! This game has developed so much since I last played it! So much content and so much to do! I love it!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! You guys at Radiant have done an amazing job! I can’t wait for whats coming up next!


me too, i dont have played in the 6 last month… I am afray of the the new class cleric and the 2 last class (archer and the last one).
my last play was a horrific murder of my 15 heartling… (normal play).
I want to build a cool village but without 2 boss in same time… :slight_smile:
I see the limit in queue of craftman.
have-you thinking of my idea for the working of queuing ? (Add a item in the queue only when i place a item in the word and not add directely in the windows of craft, wait for the item be craft and after that placed manualy in the word.)

I have to force myself to play a new game with the last version of the cool game . :slight_smile: