Crafters craft evrything sometimes twice even if you already have it

the crafters wil always craft evrything (if you have that on) even if you already have it like: your building a door it wil always craft it even if you already have sometimes he/she craft it twice

so i sometimes have a whole lot of: doors beds and other things that really enoying

another one sad: if you have 2 crafters they wil craft it 2 time and thats true

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Do you have “Auto Queue Crafting for Building” enabled in the settings, perhaps?
This will always send all the items to the queue, it doesn’t take into account what you already have.

If you see the carpenter dropping two items instead of one, is because one of them is a fine item, which has higher quality and it’s good to sell.

What did you see exactly?
The queue is shared between crafters, they will take one order each.
Even with auto queue, the items will be sent only once, each time you start a building.


yeah this isn’t very intuitive I thought the auto queue crafting only put items in queue that you did not have in your inventory already, but it doesn’t calculate it at all. the player has to keep track of building material vs trading materials

its helpful if you don’t have the items, but if you do have the items, its a resource hog

Sometimes when I do a lot of buildings with a small amount of an item, I go to the workshop menu and delete all of the tiny orders. I definitely wish there was a way to auto-queue or not per individual build order. Maybe it would just keep the last setting.

This problem is especially noticeable with Rayya’s Children, because just about every building queues some small amount of bricks so I’ve seen the Potter’s queue entirely fill up from bricks alone [which I typically already have plenty of] if it’s not watched carefully.

It’d be nice if the game did a check to see what you already have stockpiled.

Also there’s the tricky design issue of work shops. I’m sure many people have built and place their work shops before they go to use the stock building template to build that classes home. Then a second set of workshops are ordered to make that building. Which is annoying. Yet those template workshops are essential, as they’re part of the layout of that stock template…