The Auto Craft Feature Needs A Bit Of Work

Two things i wished to see changed about the auto craft feature, but first a little bit of background for those who have no idea what i’m talking about. The auto craft feature is enabled by default, and it queues up items that need to be crafted in order to construct a building, such as furniture and decoration. You’ll see what items are required when you go to build a building.

First thing I want to see changed: I’d like it so that your crafter does not craft things that you already have in storage. For instance, if you needed a wooden chair for your build, and you already had one, the carpenter would not queue up the item when you go to construct the building.

Second thing: missing requirements for crafted items need a notification, not just an exclamation point that nobody pays attention to. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve gone to build a building with a sign that needs a blank wooden sign to craft, and i don’t have one. This prompts my hearthlings to not finish the build until i look more closely and see what is going on.

Feedback on this suggestion is appreciated! Thanks!


There are times when you wouldn’t want them to use something in stock instead of crafting new items, like if you have items in holding for a trader. I wouldn’t want that messed up.

But there are definitely times I’ve wanted to not queue things I already have plenty of - clay bricks in separate orders for each building make the potter’s queue a mess. I tend to pile up lots of fences because you need some in inventory before you can place any, and they’re good to grind for XP.

Maybe when you press build, the materials list could switch to a list of the crafting orders (only if you have auto-crafting on, of course) with an X button so you could delete individual orders before the ones left are queued when construction actually begins.


I second this. While all it really takes is a short pause and remedy, it’d still be nice to have some more smarterer automation so we don’t have to shuffle around to finish queuing up all the extras.
The workaround I’ve been doing for now is to just check the final needed items and craft all the intermediates before you start the actual construction - cloth, mean beds, ingots, etc.
It’s not fast but it works.

I think it would be better to instead of enabling (or disabling) auto-craft for the whole game, it was per build.

When you press “finish” and the menu lists all the items, it would have a button there to send the items to the crafters.