[Crafting] Automated Order System

What do I mean by automated order system?
Well. Imagine you made your own Building-preset. You included Decoration and Items like doors, beds, tables, chairs etc. etc.
When you then give the order to build a house just like that preset, you already have to own the required items or have to tell your hearthlings to create them by your own.
I think it would be really nice, if all missing items are automatically ordered to their responsible workers.
Like if you are missing a comft. bed, the carpenter automatically gets the order to create one. You could even go so far, that when you are missing the resources for that item, for example a normal bed, he automatically gets the order to build the normal bed in order to create the comft. bed.
What if you don’t want that as a player?
You could use an option button where you could change between [Not automated crafting], [Half automated crafting] and [Full automated crafting]. Where the first one is just as right now, half automated is only to create the things you need right now, and full automated is to break down the whole creation procedure unless you created all needed ressources (Without woodcutting, mining and stuff like that ofc.).


while this would be nice it can be resolves simply by maintaining a maintain 1 on every item… when that item is used on houses it is automatically replaced… but… having the ability to have them automatically construct stuff to finish what your building would be nice… it would also be nice if you had access to ALL of the possible items when building a house (even if you dont have them) so that you can design with complete freedom and worry about obtaining what you need to furnish it later.

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I also thought about a feature to manage your stockpile count. There you could put a number for every single item. For beds and stuff like that it would mean, try to produce these items until you reach the number!
Maybe combined with the automated crafting system, so if something else is needed, they give the order to create that thing first.
For stuff like corn, carrots etc. it would be a maximum. The farmer will only harvest the fields when the defined number is not reached yet.
In my play I had too much edible stuff, and so all my storages were flooded. I had to build tons of crates and chests to be able to store other ressources like stone and wood again.
With that system you would prevent those two situations!

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While true, I think this speaks more to a broken system than anything. When I play I typically just have my carpenter keep one or more of everything in stock because I don’t like having to remember all the things a building needs to go and queue them up. The downside of keeping one of everything in stock is that sometimes my crafter will be building something I don’t really need right now.

I don’t know what the right solution is…I sort of like the little crafter “minigame” where you have to go build the items you need for a building or do it with 2 or 3 things in a “chain” to get an end product. However, it can sometimes be a little tedious. When I’m building a house it would be cool if this was automatic. However, if I’m trying to create a specific cooked food I like managing my materials to make sure I can create it.

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Personally I don’t feel like this is a broken system. While I understand and appreciate that when building items into a template it can be tough to figure out what is built or not, the solution would be to indicate what is holding up a building, just like the crafting interface now does.

Or, maybe when crafting an item that is missing (craftable) ingredients, we could have a button to “make item and all necessary ingredients” that could add all need items to the queue. The problem then would be what happens if the items is from another crafter (like cloth, for example), and where does it get added if there are items in the queue (top, bottom)?

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I originally imagined that it adds the item to the queue even if its needed to be done by another worker.
I would at the request to the bottom of the queue order, and yeah, the “make item and all necessary ingredients” would be another option, but what do you do if even the necessary ingredients need some other stuff. Do you have to do the same there? Does it give this command to the bottom of the order-chain? Thatswhy I thought about something like “full automated” or “half automated” where you could just define that in the options!


Sorry if this is resurrecting an old thread, but I had this idea recently and decided to mock up something in the UI to kind of give life to the idea in a way.

Here’s the picture =)

Just wanted to create a topic about it, but found this old thread instead.

Every once in a while I look at the game and see how far it has come.
First thing I do is of course start to build something. And that’s the moment I get frustrated. I really need to build every item beforehand? Manually? Or I need to create, for every item in the game, a new “maintain x in inventory” order?

This hampers the building experience greatly and doesn’t seem to add anything gameplay wise. I hope this is a feature that’s going to be added once the game reaches more and more maturity.

i thought it is in already? checkbox under one of the setting pages.
unless you meant a different thing from auto-queueing furniture in a built template.

Oh man you are right! I just couldn’t see anything that my crafter was unable to make. Thanks!