Showing all buildable furnitures in the building designer

Hello, my suggestion,

showing all buildable furnitures in the building designer OR make a toggle button with all craftable items and items currently in inventory.

Currently only the items in the inventory are showed. So i have to place all interesting stuff later by hand.


Might even have a “put all missing items in crafting queues” button to automatically craft unlocked recipes, so you don’t have to maintain dozens of furnitures in your storage for the case that they might eventually be put into a building.

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not a fan of auto crafting, but a “needed/missing item list” would be enough. People can manage on their whether they craft 'em now or later…

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I would like a list of furniture, so i can better build the houses.

Both things might actually be nice. People can choose by themselves if they want to transfer the missing items into the queues automatically when starting the building, open the list of missing items later and transfer it automatically or later manually compare what they want right now and put the orders themselves.

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exactly, imagine you got real wood problems and finishing a house got a higher priority than furniture or even decorative items…

I think of this as a comfort feature. If you press “Build!”, you get a list with the elements needed for the building and are asked if you want to queue them automatically. There you can press “All”, “None”, or choose some of the elements. If you are missing wood, you are of course not forced to queue it up. I agree that would really be a rather annoying feature then.

well general and daily statistic are need too. So we can see how many resources we gathered/used/need, how many food we produced and consumed…