Custom Builder With All Options

Unless I am missing something, it does not seem like the custom builder allows you to add things that you have not yet crafted. For example, I can’t add comfy beds to any custom building unless I have them available in inventory. Not a big issue, but as the game gets larger, it would be nice to be able to include all possible items in the custom building interface to allow for maximum flexibility. Unless the idea is to hide the things that come later in the game, then I guess it would make sense to not make them available right away. In that case, it would be nice if once you have crafted an item once in any game, it unlocks for all your games. Thanks, loving the game.


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Maybe to counter this only items you currently have the level/recipe to craft are placeable in a build at that moment. I hear you on this I constantly find myself stopping a build to craft decor.


I mostly want it for making templates more than actually putting together a building live with what I have available at that moment.

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Ah yeah when I say placeable I mean the ghost form not the crafted item :smile:

Ah that makes sense too.

I agree. You should be able to choose Furniture-> Category-> Item-> Place Item