Yeah I think we missing some essentials

Yeah I think we missing some essentials here. Like not choice of doors or decorations in building editor

Expected Results:
Have Choice of doors, and decorations
Actual Results:
All but 3 missing. Windows are still there though.
LOL pics speak for themselves

Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

if i’m not mistaken, nothing shows up in the building editor UI until you’re actually able to craft it, so you need to have the correct crafter and crafter level before you’ll see certain doors and decorations…

so unless you already have multiple/max lvl crafters i don’t think this is a bug…


ill check that hold on lol

thanks for confirming this lol, I feel dumb now. i didnt see it in notes, some how missed it. You can lock/resolve this thread :slight_smile:


I feel they should still be listed (but greyed out) with a tooltip explaining why.

had the same realisation as micheal_handy76_mh and by the time my hearthlings had built the foundation my carpenter had leveld to level 2 and all the options I lacked previously weren’t… SO was I to destroy the building and start over?

It’s a building PLAN, you should be able to plan for stuff you don’t have.

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But then again, it’s now possible to unlock building recipes. I think that ones not unlocked that don’t show up in the crafting menu shouldn’t show up in the building menu.

I suppose I’d be fine with all the parts grayed out in the workshop menu showing up grayed out but placable in the building menus, though.

@Maltavius i agree! but at the same time, i’m pretty sure it was put in place due to the fact that crafters now auto-queue building stuff.

what would happen if you added something you cant craft to a building? does that item get auto-queued anyways? but what happens if you dont have that crafter, does that item just get totally forgotten and never be autoqueued?

The building templates in the game from the beginning all calls for wooden wall lanterns that are a lvl 1 carpenter requirement.

How come they can be built?
Yes, they should not be autoqued but you should see it in the list of why the building isn’t considered finished.