Missing items in building design

Had to make a house today with a wooden enforced door :stuck_out_tongue: The reason was the normal door was missing at design time. Also several other items as workers worskbenches and so on were also missing. Same when I wanted to create a Tavern… could not find the dining table or the comfy chair!

A18 3092

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They unlock as you make them. So create those at least once and they should show in the menu.

I have to test this… seems a but silly I could create a reinforced door but not a regular door. I’ve never made that reinforced door, so why it was in the list I dont know :smiley:

I don’t remember exactly how it works, I guess you just need a crafter with the right level and the item will appear.

Yeah, you definitely shouldn’t be able to place a reinforced wooden door and not a regular one. Something is wrong there.

I just noticed the same issue in a new A18 save. The first building I had access to all available stuff, but now I’m missing about half of it when I check from the designer.