Doors, Windows, and Furniture Invisible


I’ve browsed through the Discource forums and have found numerous threads similar to this one, but none describe the problem I’ve encountered. Upon opening the “Custom Building” tool and clicking on either “Doors”, “Windows”, or “Furniture”, the box below the 2D drawing of the house where the items available for construction are supposed to appear in remains completely empty on each one.

It is a surprisingly game-breaking bug, as my Hearthlings don’t use my houses, and the amount of difficulty in just making an entrance to a building is increased substantially.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the “Custom Building” menu
  2. Attempt to click on the doors, windows, or furniture tabs,
  3. Get absolutely nothing.

Expected Results:
List of objects to be placed in the desired structure

Actual Results:
Completely empty, blank menu where the items should be.

The objects do not simply “Not build”, they don’t exist to be built in the first place. Although not particularly noteworthy, if I were to click on say, “Walls” and then click on “Doors”, it would still be using the Wall tool.

Version Number and Mods in use:

“Alpha Develop 3188” - No Mods

System Information:
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 8.00 GB
x64-bit operating system
OS: Windows 10
(Game is purchased and played through Steam)

hey there @ZeOverlord0, welcome to the discourse :smile:

just want to double check, do you have any crafters (carpenter/potter) yet? as only items you have in your inventory, or currently can craft will show up in the build menu.

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I did for one of my towns, and didn’t for the other. Are objects like the door supposed to appear in the building list without a carpenter?

hmm… i don’t believe so, but let me quickly double check

edit: alright @ZeOverlord0 just checked, and until you promote someone to a crafter, the windows/doors/furniture/decorations tabs will remain empty (selecting them will just keep the build window blank) but as soon as you get a crafting class all the currently craftable items will show up.

hope that helps

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Alrighty thanks for the help ^-^

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no problemo mate, glad to hear that’s all that was the matter :smile: :thumbsup:

When I was new to SH, I stumbled upon this as well. Maybe a hint in the empty box could inform about the reason for it beeing empty. Surely helps new players, don’t you think, @8BitCrab?

Sounds like a good idea - perhaps something can be explained in the tutorial @linda or a tooltip/text in the box @yshan?