Doors, windows, decorations not showing up in building designer

As the title says.
My first time playing, it worked except for the decorations not showing up.
Then I quit and started a new game and ever since, there’s no doors, windows or decorations

Steps to reproduce:

  1. in building designer
  2. click on doors, windows, or decorations
  3. nothing shows up

Expected Results:
should see selection of doors, windows, etc

Actual Results:
nothing shows up

restarting doesn’t work


Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 17-610 64x
System Information:

Do you have a carpenter with a placed workbench?

Hello @lsbbum , welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As @coasterspaul says, you need to have a carpenter (or potter in Rayyas Children) that can craft the decorations.

In the building editor there will only be shown the decorations that you can craft, unlocking as the carpenter levels up.

I’ve actually had a similar problem, I’m not sure if its exactly what you’re talking about, in fact I’m fairly certain it’s not quite the same deal, but I’ve been having and issue where, occasionally, certain doors or windows or decorations just, won’t appear in the building editor. Despite the fact that I have an appropriate crafter for the item, and at the appropriate level. Like for instance, I was in the building designer recently, and when I went to place a door, the standard 3 block wide wooden door (I’ve forgotten its name) just wasn’t there. Every other wooden door was in the menu, except that one. I didn’t even have any doors in inventory, the one door was just not in the menu. I’ve had it happen with windows, beds, chairs, signs, chests… nothing is safe. I can usually fix the problem by closing out the building designer and opening it again, so I guess its not exactly too big of a problem, it’s more of an annoyance really.