R549: Door not showing in "play mode" but visible when I press the Build & Design Button

I have a building which the door doesn’t show up in. I though at first that I was missing a door in my inventory so I made one, no change. Then I saw that when I pressed the “Build & Design” button that it would show up. I have to note that it wasn’t a translucent door as when you are waiting for a door to be placed, it was opaque.

Steps to reproduce:
No idea to be honest.

Expected Results:
To see a door in a building.
Actual Results:
Door only showing up when pressed “Build & Design” button.

One showing the door when button pressed.
Version Number and Mods in use:
R549, no mods.
System Information:

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uploading the save would be usefull for the devs i think :slight_smile:


True, forgot about that possibility. I have attached a save with the weird door. :slight_smile:

Or so I thought, turned out I’m a too new user to attach files…
Se the this Megalink for my save. MEGA

True, forgot about that option. Though I can’t upload files due to being a too new user. See this Mega lnk for my save game. MEGA

Crap, I think I pasted the wrong type of link for Mega. I think this one works, MEGA .

Might want to put a picture with and without the menu

I know this bug, unfortunately the only solution I found is to remove the building :neutral_face: