Work orders on demand

So I’ve picked the game back up after quite a while, and I’m glad to see the enormous progress that have been made.

But having played just long enough to try out some of the new features, don’t want to get tired of it before it’s more finished, there’s one I really feel is missing.
Work on demand. That is, workshops automatically creating required items, like beds, windows and the like, once you’ve made a building that require them.

Now this might seem lazy, but it’s more that I don’t think the interface is suited for creating orders after you decide where to place them. You have to pick every individual building and make a note of every thing that’s needed, and then go to each workshop queue and either place an order on the right number of every item, or place an order that maintain at least one of each item in stock, all of which is rather tedious with no real reward. Had there been a way to see how much of each item was in demand from the workshop menu, or a way to place work orders from the building menu that show what materials and items are required to complete a building, this wouldn’t be an issue, but the current method breaks flow and don’t add engagement or dept to the game.

So my suggestion is simply this: Once a workshop has finished all of it’s current work orders, it will automatically create items and ingredients that are in demand, in any random order. This would be a rather ineffective way of completing buildings, thus giving an edge to those that manually create these items ahead of time, but eliminating the need to tediously keep a tab of all the missing work orders.

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There is a setting in the gameplay-settings that does this I think, it puts the furniture that is in your blueprint of the building in the workshops ones you’ve pressed build. You need to switch it on though, in default it is off.

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There’s an existing option for “Maintain X in stockpile”. Queue your (insert_crafter_here) to maintain a stash of 20-30 (insert_bulk_sale_item_here), pawn off your stash at every opportunity, and you’re pretty much golden. It’s great for cooks, too!

I know, and I did mention that
But doing it with all items that you would ever need is, as I said, rather tedious with little gain.
My suggestion is for the items to be built when they’re in demand, not keeping a stock ready.