Prioritize auto-queued jobs higher than maintence jobs

How about adding auto-queued jobs for building before the first maintenance job in queue, instead of adding them at the end? This way buildings would be finished faster, because the builders won’t have to wait as long for the necessary items.

My weaver is supposed to maintain X of every crafting material. When I start a new building, which requires rugs an tapestry, these are auto-queued at the bottom of the weavers task queue. As a result the weaver continues to create crafting materials, while the builders are waiting for the carpenters rugs and tapestry.


I totally agree with this, sometimes I will have my weaver start to craft several threads / cloths to have them ready for later, but I have to make sure “its at the bottom”, often cloggs up a lot.

It would be cool to be able to have a way for, let’s say your Cook, to have a default response for when he has all the ingredients for some Meat Stew, that he would notice that he had the ability to make that and then automatically craft it.


I found a mod (Insert Craft Order) that bumps the craft order to the top as a temporary fix!

I think that an easy fix for that would be to always add new jobs to the top of the queue instead of the bottom.
At least from my playing experience, the first jobs I always create for most crafters are the maintenance jobs and everything that comes later usually has priority - but I have to keep moving them up.

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Hey, that’s me! Which is to say, that’s one of my mods. I was also thinking about making an auto-cooking mod that would in part do what you describe, but it’ll be a fair amount of work and there are other more pressing ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically my idea for it is to have three modes: off (let the normal workshop interface be the way that crafting is queued), subsistence (only cook enough food, and a variety of it, preferring higher-quality meals, for the number of hearthlings you have), and consumption (same as subsistence but try to use up all your raw ingredients). But again, it’ll be a while before I have time to work on it, so maybe someone else will make it in the meantime.

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That sounds AMAZING!