Smart auto queue crafting for building

I would suggest an option for auto queue crafting for building. the option would be to first check if the item that needs to be crafted is already in stock and if there is enough of that item.
I build a house that has 8 beds in it I already have 6 in stock to the auto crafter queue up only 2 beds instead of 8 because I already have 6. (6 beds in stock - 8 beds needed = 2 beds to be crafted).


I talked about some other ways to solve this sort of problem here:

While your suggestion would be simpler, I’d like to have a little more control. Otherwise, my Hearthlings might use items I’d been saving for a trader, without me knowing.

That’s why this would be an option not a replacement for the auto queue crafting for building
There would be a separate check box for smart.

also while not exactly the same, there is the option to enable craft on build. which queues all needed items, even if you all ready have them.

yes but i want the option to have it only craft what i dont already have