Auto queue crafting for building issue

I build a house with 4 beds in it. and it queues up 4 beds. the problem is I already have 10 beds. why is it queueing up more beds if I already have beds. and it’s not just with bed’s, it’s all the furniture and windows.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. pre-craft all of the stuff you need to build a house
  2. build house with auto queue crafting for building turned on

Expected Results:
only craft what I don’t already have.
if I build a house with 4 beds and I have >=4 beds don’t queue up any beds.
if I build a house with 4 beds and I only have 2 beds then queue up 2 more beds so I will have enough beds to complete the house.
Actual Results:
I build a house with 4 beds and I have >=4 beds it still queue up 4 beds.


Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

Because it does not know that you don’t want that. What if you were saving those 10 beds for something else?

Also, there is a check box in the game settings to choose whether or not you want the items in a building added to a crafter’s order list. If you do NOT want that behavior, just uncheck the box.

I am aware of this setting. But that gives me an idea. Perhaps there should be a setting for the crafter to make all the 4 beds or just craft the difference.

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