Placing building copies requirements to crafting queue

Placing buildings with the necessary mats and resources also copies requirements to crafters.
Ex. Building cost 50 large urn, already have 50 urn, adds 50 urns to queue for potter.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place building (Maybe only the desert race people?)
  2. ???
  3. Copies queue to crafter.

Expected Results:
Build a building don’t clutter my inventory.
Actual Results:
Inventory clutter up the bunghole. (one time had 3 crafting tables of each art in inventory before I noticed it was queuing.
Version Number and Mods in use:
2.0 No mods

hey there @want2seed,

this isn’t really a bug, as the game has no way of knowing why you already have those 50 urns in your inventory, you might be keeping them for a quest, or planning to place them in a grand hall, or maybe planning to sell them to the next trader, there’s endless possibility’s as to why you have them. so because of that, auto-queue ignores any items you already have in your inventory.

it can definitely be irritating at times, but it can also be really irritating when you have plans for those items and they all get used in a new building…

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Oh, so I can just place buildings without having the mats and wait for my crafters to craft them?

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yep, auto-queue was added a few alphas back so that you don’t have to manually craft all the items for a building, but if you’d rather craft them all yourself you can easily turn it off in the game settings :slight_smile:

Oh thank you. Hope nobody minds that I posted a non-bug :blush:

(Side question: Do you know why my shift+1,2,3 hotkeys don’t work for context menu?

no problemo mate :smile:

not at all! its better safe than sorry!

sorry for my confusion, but what shift+1,2,3 hotkeys? in-game or…?

Info Dock Controls[edit | edit source]
These are contextual hotkeys. They activate a button on the Info Dock only if that button exists at the time. The number pressed is the same as the ordering of the buttons from left to right.

Command Function Description
shift+1 Shortcut First Button
shift+2 Shortcut Second Button
shift+3 Shortcut Third Button

From the Stonehearth wiki but it doesn’t work.
I had to undeploy 100 fences each one one at a time because no hotkey.

hmm… i’d never heard of those before, and the wiki tends to be a bit out of date. so i’m guessing the shift+1,2,3 hotkeys are either no longer working or never actually implemented. (they don’t work for me either) :confused:

Aw dang.

Thanks for all your help! :smiley:

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