DT: Building and Autoqueue



well im turning that off immediately

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Sorry if I’m just late to the party on this, but why turn it off?

because it will queue them up even if you already have the materials since it doesn’t know if they are in use by a different building project.

I like keeping my crafter queues nice and ordered and prioritized. This will make them rather messy.


Yeah those of us that have already gotten used to queuing up crafter items prior to building will need to make an adjustment. Thankfully i’m quite forgetful and if I make more that just means more gold later on for traders!!! >_<

I like the fact this is added, however it is something I personally will be turning off. I enjoy maintaining my stock myself. When I build it is literally one building or structure at a time, and I usually pay close attention, as I watch the little darlings construct my blueprints.

Having a busy week I have yet to even check the update out. ><

Regardless it is still a nice feature to have for those that want it. :smiley: