Builder queues all that it's needed even if some objects are already in stock

Builder queues all that it’s needed for the building, even if some objects are already on stock for placement.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make some objects that a building has (commonly lanterns).
  2. Place a building with the already existing objects in stock and start the build for queue all that it’s needed.
  3. The builder Will queue everythin, even the objects that are on stock for placement.

Expected Results:
The builder Will only queue the objects that are not in stock for placement.

Actual Results:
The builder queues all the objects, doesn’t matter if some objects are on stock, it Will still queue them.

Carpenter Workbench is available for placement.

The builder still queues the workbench for craft (between the writing desk and the mean bed).

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest build, Developer tools mod.

Don’t know if this is actually an unwanted result, but if i were the builder, i would only queue the stuff that it’s left for placement, not all of it.

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I think it’s intended, because you (a) might have some items crafted for another building that’s also under construction but that aren’t ready to be placed yet, or (b) have items crafted that you intend to trade (or for another player, etc.). There are too many possibilities, some of which you could easily change your mind on, so it would be a hassle to try to earmark all crafted items for particular purposes and ignore then when queuing new items to be crafted.


As @paulthegreat says, this is intended by design. There are many possible movements of the items, so we decided to auto-queue everything every time.