[A17] House supply creation only checks for shallow object creation

Summary: When building a house, the workers are supposed to build the necessary supplies. As well as building more than is required (example: house needs seven, builds seven even though two are in inventory), if the requirements for building the item isn’t meant, workers will not try to build the items – or “tell” other workers to build the items – necessary to build that original item.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a house with a designed signpost, having no signpost in inventory
  2. Expect carpenter to build the basic, then the designed signpost
  3. Look at carpenter’s queue

Expected Results: Worker builds a signpost, then the designed signpost

Actual Results: Worker doesn’t build anything relevant

Notes: This could be implemented by checking each item with a recursive call, then assigning the lowest item first.

Version Number and Mods in use: develop-2996 Alpha 17, unmodded

OK, two things going on here.

First, the crafters creating “more than is required” – even if there are items in inventory, they may be required elsewhere (another structure underway); it’s far easier to have the crafter make what’s required for the new structure you’re building rather than also have to account for what’s in inventory. So that is working as designed. (And if you end up with too much stuff, just sell it. Gold is always nice.)

Second, we’ll investigate the dependency-related crafting issue; thanks for pointing it out.


Thanks for the response. I understand now about the first point and have a comment about the second point. There should, if the recursive digging algorithm for dependencies is a bit too taxing on the performance, at least be some form of notification. After playing for a while I don’t recall any notification that the items weren’t automatically crafted.