Moving deployed objects to building queues new object to be placed

When trying to move a placed object into a building, it places the item in the building manager instead of moving the original

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select placted object to move
  2. Move to a finished building
  3. A see through “queue” of the object will appear to be placed from inventory, but the placed object will not be moved

Expected Results:
Object selected to be moved will be moved to the selected location
Actual Results:
Another of the selected object must be crafted or the object undeployed and placed into inventory in order for the “queue” to be complete
When it is a workshop I just undeploy it and it is placed where I located, but if it is a chest full of items, I have to craft a new chest and have it placed to get the “queue” to go away. Below is a link to the compressed save game with the issue.

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, current unstable version of todays date
System Information:

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This is half-intended, half-bug.
Hopefully the new building system won’t be so inconsistent.

We had a feature where items in a building that get destroyed would leave their ghost, so that hearthlings would know to replace them right away. But instead of helping, this brought more kind of bugs. :pensive:
Especially when moving items that you can’t undeploy.