Move an item in a completed building may reverts it state

Move an item in a completed building may return the state of the building to under construction

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a house and wait until it is completed
  2. Move a chair into the building
  3. SOMETIMES the building status reverts to “under construction”

Expected Results:
The item is moved by a hearthling.

Actual Results:
SOMETIMES the building status reverts to “under construction”. The item is not moved. The item and the building are marked as “missing”. You have to undeploy it for a hearthling to put it where you ordered.

Random behavior


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19

System Information:
AMD 64 8Go RAM

This is similar to Moving undeployable objects onto buildings

For placing items on finished buildings, you have to place them or use the placement UI.
If they are already deployed and you move them onto the building, the status of the building will get bugged.

Hopefully all of these cases will get solved when devs work again on the building editor, which needs a revamp.

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If you move an item already deployed into a finished building it will create a ghost of the object and if you have on in you stockpile it will take this and place it.

This is especially irritating if you are trying to move containers with something in them. As your Hearthlings will have to move the content piece by piece after the new object is placed.