Dual weaver workbenches

With the weaver, it looks like many of the craftable items could not be crafted realistically with just the original bench.

In some of the media from here, we can see a loom. It would be a shame not to include this in the game, since a) it would be very cool and b) it makes the game much more fun and realistic.
One way to include this would be to use a dual workbench system:

  • At first the weaver has the original table and basket, and can craft string etc.
  • The weaver can then build a second workshop, the loom, which is used to create cloth.
  • This unlocks cloth on the crafting UI, similarly to what happens after a level up.

Another way to achieve this would be through simply upgrading the table and basket to a loom. But this would mean that you couldn’t have a workshop with more than one piece of equipment.

What do you think of this idea?


I don’t think it should be a weaver but like some upgraded unit which is much better


Only problem with that is it uses another class. I would say it is better to have the weaver have a dual work bench.

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Agreed. Same with say a blacksmith having an anvil and a forge. Even if it simply unlocks items by being present as opposed to actually being a workstation, I think it would add depth and visual interest. Don’t think it should be separated into different classes, that would mean half the current weaver’s catalog is reassigned to whoever gets the loom IMO and you suddenly need two citizens to do one job. It’s not uncommon or unreasonable for an occupation to need more than one tool or work area anyway.

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Tom said that some recipes would require that a weaver has to have more advanced stuff. Say like you want to craft some awesome armor, it most likely requires some new type of tool. Like you have pictured I imagine they will flesh out the classes later on, but they just want some type of base for now.