Wheelbarrow? Upgrade button?

Hi all,

I am not a modder, I just love stonehearth. I have recently come back to playing after discovering the Ace mod. (OMG I have missed out on so much)

So I have two ideas, an item and an upgrade button for stonehearth.

The item is as the Topic suggests, a wheelbarrow. To all the modding community, would it be possible to implement a usable wheelbarrow item that can be crafted and assigned to stockpiles. Hearthlings can then use these to collect large amounts of items from long distance. Reducing the point of back and fourth they need to do? It could be that the Hearthling will walk slower by 10% due to the weight of the wheelbarrow but be able to collect about 30 items of the floor. This item could be made out of wood and a metal material. So options for carpenter and blacksmith to craft.

For the upgrade button, BEDS, beds need an upgrade button. My idea would be you have a option to upgrade like the water well. You can then click the button and select the type of new bed you’d like the bed to be changed too. It might even need to be bed specific, if the new bed requires the old bed type to craft. (If you get me)
For example… I have a mean bed placed in a building. I want a comfy bed. The comfy bed requires a mean bed to make (don’t actually know if it does but stay with me). You click the upgrade button and then the Hearthling who is upgrading the bed, picks up the old one and uses that to make the new one and then places it. So you would only be able to craft the comfy bed as the only upgrade option. The next type of bed upgrade is with the comfy bed and so on.
Meaning I don’t have to micro removing it and crafting a new bed and then placing it, the role is down to the crafter to do all the work.

These are just thoughts and ideas. Probably not written down well so sorry about that.
Would love to know what you think?

I didn’t see any bad writing. But maybe a mining cart or a Steam engine will make sense to use in mines.
The engine will pull a mining cart or the box where the mines are placed at the exit, making it easier to transport
The mining cart will also be a vehicle located on a railway that is pushed by workers.
The idea of upgrading will save us a lot of se rows of work.

I mean, it’s a great idea, but unfortunately, I’m not a mod maker either. :cry:

oh thank god other people want a bed upgrade button

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I’m just going to quote @DaniAngione here, from the ACE Discord:

Unfortunately this kind of change/replacement mechanic would be very complicated to pull off due to a lot of reasons, some things could be more easily done like a bed upgrade (as long as it upgrades to the better bed of the same “material” - for example, a straw wooden bed gets upgraded to a wooden comfy bed and so on) but anything that would involve being able to choose the window or bed you want to replace with would require a whole new mechanic
for example, the way the well is done is because we’ve limited the well options but things like beds or windows can have a lot more options (and modded options) and each would have to be manually added and the menu could get huge and it’s just not worth it, a better system would automatically/dynamically show you all the alternatives without them having to be given manually and so on…
And we currently have other priorities since a system like that would need a lot of work

For the wheelbarrow:
Hearthlings do have an inventory and there are backpacks in the game. I think there’s some trickery behind it, as it doesn’t expand the inventory or something. But moving objects are pretty damn hard to make, especially if interacting with hearthlings - hence why we don’t have any mounts.

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