[suggestion] Upgrade item in place

Simple concept. A comfy bed is made from a mean bed and a bolt of cloth, so it would be nice to simply click on an already deployed mean bed and be given the option to upgrade in place, ie the carpenter comes over and preforms the upgrade right there.

This would save plenty of hassle involved with undeploying then redeploying items for upgrade.


Well, I kinda agree with you. But I don’t see that it would be implemented NOW. I would say, make it into a mod first.

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I like actually Love how it is atm. I like having your guys have to make it! But maybe they could come pick up the item to be upgraded then take it back to the shop?

That’s a fantastic idea. But as it was said it’s low priority.
This is something a modder should do before it gets fully implimented

I would prefere it this way (maybe harder to implement but more immersive) :

  1. You mark the item to upgrade with choosing who’s gonna make it
  2. The work is automaticaly created in the choosen hearthling’s workshop
  3. The hearthling come to take the item
  4. An emplacement with “item to be put in there” is create while it’s away (reserved to the item which as been taken, for us not to forget there was something there)
  5. When the item 's done, the crafter put it back in it’s place (so it’s not in the inventory with the temptation for us to sell it to a merchant or to place it somewhere else)

I may be wrong but as long as I don’t have extra mean beds around my guys tend to go and grab beds from the floor to upgrade. Only problem is remembering to put the upgraded ones back in place.


to add to that, doesn’t the ghost stay, so its impossible to put a bed back there. or was that fixed?


Uhhh I think the ghosts are still there but I have been able to replace a bed, just takes some very careful mouse movements to find that ONE point that counts as floor and lets you place it not floating. Makes it look funny in edit mode because you see both but without any UI up it looks fine and functions. Stupid ghost bed and making a floating bed, silly thing wouldn’t remove itself either. ><

I’d swear this has been suggested before… :confused:

i kinda had that feeling also. but i don’t think it was its own thread, just conversation in another one.

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