Bed Upgrade (Placing comfy beds)

For certain items instead of having to undeploy and then redeploy say a mean bed into a comfy bed can we just have a button next to it that says upgrade then then the villager will walk up with the new comfy bed and basically exchange it and walk back to the stockpile with the mean bed.


You might be interested in this post , although that was more about regular/fine versions of items and not about tiers and beds.


Funnily enough, beds are examples of this too. In terms of numbers, it would be

  • Tier 0: Mean Bed (upgradable to Comfy Bed)
  • Tier 0.5: Fine Mean Bed (upgradable to Fine Comfy Bed)
  • Tier 1: Comfy Bed
  • Tier 1.5: Fine Comfy Bed

… however, this has nothing to do with the in situ replace proposal of this thread.


I was going to suggest something very similar, so I’ll just do it here. It seems that currently, mean beds are already automatically undeployed by the carpenter if ordered to make comfy beds, which I think is great. However, given that this happens, I think it would be best if the carpenter were to also place the beds back where she found them, rather than in the stockpile as if it was an entirely newly crafted item (which, I suspect, to the game, it is, currently). (That was nice with the commas.)

I think perhaps @hert’s suggestion of an “upgrade” button is even nicer (because then you can control it and can keep certain citizens you don’t like sleeping in mean beds, should you be so inclined), but that would be up to the developers.

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I dislike the idea of a general upgrade button.

  • What is an “upgrade”? Is a fine straw bed an upgrade over a comfortable one? What about the chairs; is a fine arc chair better than a comfortable one? You would need to define for each entity what entity would be an upgrade for it. Leave alone if we add custom properties or colors.
  • What if I want to simply change item X with item Y, say, change all wooden tables for stone ones? The button/tool would need to be a generic “swap this item with something else”
  • If the item is not in stock, how would it be crafted? Who crafts it? What if it is a random produced item (such as fine items)? There’s currently no system in place that allows you to simply request X and have it crafted.

For the last step, it would be required to have a general crafting interface first, where I could say “I give you this bed, I want a comfortable bed, get me a crafter to do it” and the system can then pull the parts together. For the first two points, I suppose one would need to figure out first what is expected and what the GUI would look like before it’s possible to define a possible implementation.


Fair point; I was wondering about that as well. So perhaps the best would be to stick with the current system: if you are to craft a fine bed, just allow it to take deployed lower-grade items as ingredients; with the addition that the upgraded item should probably be placed back where the crafter found it so as not to have citizens suddenly scratching their heads wondering where their (admittedly not-all-that-comfortable) bed went. Either that, or have the deployed items left alone as (I think) they were originally, so that the player is required to manually undeploy, and then re-deploy once the crafting has been performed on it.

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