[Dev Blog] Building and Crafting Improvements



Those are some mighty nice improvements!!

When you choose to upgrade a mean bed to a comfy bed will you have to return the mean bed to the stockpile or can you choose a mean bed to upgrade that’s already placed in a house?


ahh!! sunken floors! :smile:

imagines the mass hysteria that will ensue

resumes watching with a slightly slack jaw


Hopefully both, with the added option to craft a comfy bed right away, as was previously possible


You beat me to it, Steve! Arrrrrgh!!!

Awesome update though, templates!!!

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absolutely love everything about this update… and in the spirit of this month’s holiday, so thankful to be involved with this team and community! :smile: :+1:

I’m interested to see how that little road icon will work out in the UI bar.

Tom says:
“Good eye. We’ve added a button for roads. Roads themselves are a ways off.”


You will have to return the mean bed to the stockpile to turn it into a comfy bed.


Definitely like the improvements here. I think my favourite part has to be the UI improvements for the building designer - seems, well, tidier to me now :slight_smile: .

But bases of the walls aren’t sunken :open_mouth: !

“Give us sunken walls or give us death! Liberty, equality, sunken walls!”

@Tom - how about an option to upgrade a bed/chair without moving it? Ie, bring a bolt of cloth to the mean bed to upgrade it to a comfy bed etc? Not necessary of course, but it might smooth things out a bit for players (and let them give fancier beds to specific hearthlings :wink: ).

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There was a road button, and a mining button :smiley:
Super excited…


agreed… i am really enjoying how the individual systems/screens are starting to seamlessly blend together… :+1:

eh, i’m not too concerned about this… the floor is level with the ground, making the transition from exterior to interior look loads better (flush doors)…

i like the idea, but isnt that essentially turning the bed (and any other object we want to upgrade) into a mini-workbench of sorts? :smile:

agreed! we’ve already seen mining, in all its (musically accompanied) glory… :smile:

@Tom’s comment on the blog, re: roads:

Good eye. We’ve added a button for roads. Roads themselves are a ways off.


A “single-use” workbench… I guess so, yes. I can’t help but feel that to play it, it’d play smoother though to upgrade the bed where it is rather than to cart it back to a stockpile, then upgrade, then re-place it.


oh, i absolutely agree with you there (would be much smoother to update where the item has already been placed)… but if you think about it in a “real world” context, i’m sure you can think of plenty of situations where you would improve an existing product by taking it to the manufacturer so they can use the necessary tools to perform the upgrade…

at least, thats what i’ll tell myself when upgrading items going forward… :wink:


Oh sure, and I think you’d have to have a think about when and where you’d have such a system, but especially when we’re talking something as common as a regular bed or chair… eh, I figure your hearthlings can probably kick the straw off & put the linen down :slight_smile: .

If the sunken floors are released without any form of mining, it should be possible to draw out some floors to carve out chunks of ground to make pits or stairs embedded in cliffsides. I guess this depends on what happens when you remove a building, but my gut says that right now it should be possible.


Nice video, love the progress :smile:
Two things coming to my mind:

1.) It would be very useful, if the carpenter build the needed materials automatically. So I just can build a “good” bed and don’t have to own a bad one first^^
2.) It would be very cool, if there could be “endless orders”. So I could say “always build fences until I have 10 of them”. Would kill many unnecessary micro-management in the game. Also these orders could get a low priority, so that I always can throw an order between… ^^

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So why not the best of both worlds? If we’re defining upgrade paths for items now, just let me click on an item and then click an “upgrade” or “upgrade to” button. That can queue up the commands “move to workbench”, “get other materials”, “craft”, “return to original location”

Clearly there are some technical challenges here, but from a gameplay perspective, this is the least annoying workflow. Micromanaging those individual tasks is not fun, but I have no problem with the bed going away for a bit while it gets upgraded. The player gets a fun way to play the game and the game stays true to itself.


i … really like this idea! it addresses both the “need” to have the item physically moved/modified for an upgrade, and the management of the necessary tasks…

hmm… i must be misunderstanding… how is this different from “maintain in stock”?


[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:19, topic:8449”]
hmm… i must be misunderstanding… how is this different from “maintain in stock”?[/quote]
No. You just see, that I should work less on mods and enjoy the game more :slight_smile:
Didn’t get that change xD

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