[FeatureRequest] Make furniture upgradeable!

Provide a button to upgrade existing furniture. When clicking the button, the player can choose another similiar furniture to upgrade. for example replacing a “table for one” with “fine table for one”.


I was wondering about that too when building out houses they have the standard mean beds and whatnot. It would be nice to have some option where you can replace all the mean beds with comfy beds instead of the tedious remove one, place one, repeat.

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I think this was suggested before. Or at least, in a similar way:

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Kinda related to this, I guess. I’ve been having a problem with higher level crafters of making things like the Fancy Chair (with the cloth on it. I’m terrible with item names). If I want to make 10 of them for a new dining area, I queue up 10 Simple Chairs to make to upgrade, but then my crafter makes 6 of them into Fine Chairs, which is great and all, but now I can’t upgrade them into the next tier of chair, because that only accepts “Simple Chairs” as a resource to upgrade, so I end up with 15 Fine Chairs in my stockpile before I can get enough Simple chairs to upgrade.

there is already a mod for this xD


this depents from his spirit :wink: just look at the tooltips and the charatersheet ^^