Item upgrade/automation

On tuesday 4th November an awesome update was released about upgrading your items and creating your blueprints.

Instead of manually create every item you need to make in order to get a comfy bed, I would like to click on a comfy bed and the carpenter will automatically create first a mean bed and continue the process to make it into a comfy bed by grabbing cloth.

Ofcourse this is very simple like a tier 1 upgrade.
I can imagine in the future there are higher tiers of upgrades which makes life more easier.

This would also be a nice feature when creating a blueprint so you can just select a chair or a bed you don’t have in your stockpile.

You shouldn’t be able to select things in the blueprint if you don’t have the villager with the profession for it.
Vice versa for tier upgrades.

Share your thoughts! :>


This would indeed fit perfectly into the vision of not micro-managing to much!
Although, how would you handle the problem of not making a whole new bed, but upgrading an existing one that’s placed?

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Good point ghost :smile:

Having the ability to right click items and having them placed back in the stockpile and place a new one instead.
Or you could just place a new bed over the existing one and it will be automatically collected by the carpenter and being remade into a new one?

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hey there @sydneyH … welcome aboard! :smile:

this discussion is a good offshoot from the recent Dev Blog… :+1:

should we perhaps tweak the title to reflect a more comprehensive “item upgrade/automation” topic?

Good idea!
Changed the topic name ty :>!

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