[Building] "Upgrade"-Button for Items

Give this Button to all placed Items which have a better verison of itself.
Like with the normal bed and the comft. bed.
Press the “Upgrade” on an already placed normale bed, then the responsible Worker will dismount this item, craft the better version of it and place it on the same position again.
The Carpenter would go and take the normal bed to his workshop, build the comft bed and then places it again on the old position.
You could even use that if you dont need the placed item to craft the better one. Dismount the old item and store it, craft the better one and place it.
Would make the process of “upgrading” your whole town a lot easier!


I would love this… its kinda tedious to go thruout your whole town upgrading all the beds to comfy… its also tedious to build pens for shepards 1 fence at a time… but i think they were going to do something about the fence thing.

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Yeah, I had that problem with the beds recently, but not only beds. You could upgrade Chests, Chais and stuff like that. I know it could be a porlbme like “Which chest upgrade is the next”, but maybe if you press the Upgrade-Button you get a little Pop-Out. Where you can then choose between the different kinds of chests and their costs to craft them.
And then the whole process starts!

It would be nice when you design the shpepards zone that gost fences would spawn all the way aound it. It would leave a hole in the fence for you to put a gate, you still would have to make the fences.

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Well, that’s ofcourse another option to handle the upgrade. I would already like the process when he takes the bed to his workbench (sure, it takes more time, but in the end he needs to craft at the workbench). I think it could be enough if you hadnt to command every single step by your own!