Mixed suggestions and feedback about building

I’m bad at introductions so I’ll just get on with it, though I will say that my knowledge of the game isn’t perfect, so I apologize if some of the suggestions I make are already in the game.

Uprading furniture
I often build small houses at the start of the game with mean beds, this is okay at the start of the game but I always want to upgrade to the comfy beds later on. The problem is that upgrading single items in a house is awkward, and gets tedious when you have to replace 10 different furniture items.
I try to have my workers take away the old bed but they are so busy it takes them forever, by the time they decide to do it I’ve forgotten about the bed situation and they’ve been without a bed for days, sometimes they never get around to doing it. After that you need new beds so you have your carpenter make the new beds, and send your workers to replace the old ones, which you have to keep until you can sell them off. All this takes about 10 clicks through crafting and placement menus, as well as a whole lot of waiting when it really shouldn’t be that complicated.
My suggestion is to have a single click button on every piece of furniture that you place that allows the appropriate crafter to take the item away, use materials to upgrade the item to the next tier, then place it back in the world. This would reduce the amount of clicks to just two, once to highlight the item and another to upgrade.

Bed ownership
A smaller gripe with a simpler solution. Right now you can’t see who owns the bed without clicking the ownership button and looking down the list.
It would be nice if I could see who owned that bed if anyone. The tag “no owner” would be helpful too.

Template/Building naming
An even smaller gripe, probably not worth mentioning but this was my experience. When I first started playing I was so confused why all my templates would be saved as random numbers. Turns out you have to press enter to submit the name before saving, who knew? Not me, I ended up googling for the solution.
It would be more intuitive if you didn’t have to press enter.

Building mode colour
At the moment, when you enter building mode everything becomes dull and your selection becomes brighter, at least this is my perception of what is happening. This makes it really difficult to pick the right colours for the building/path I want. I know that there is an eyedropper tool but I’m talking about when you are trying to find a new colour to match rest of your architecture, it’s so hard to tell with all the colours washed out .
A neat solution would be to toggle the shade, that’d also let me see what the building looks like in my town in full colour.

Single block deletion
As far as I’m aware I can’t delete individual blocks when using the slab tool. When I mess up I then have to ctrl+z or redraw entire pieces of architecture. The same can be said for mining sections, I have to delete the entire planned mining section every time I make a mistake.
Not much to say about this other than being able to do this would be great.

Combine buildings
When I draw out my paths I end up with a bunch of different “buildings” that are all separate. Having my path being all broken apart in the build menu is annoying, and largely unavoidable without planning my entire town out in advance.
Having a “combine buildings” tool would help me clean up my town and allow me to take advantage of lower build times to make smaller buildings that combine to make larger works over time. That said, without being able to delete individual blocks it is always better to have lots of small separate “buildings”, so this goes hand in hand with the previous suggestion.

custom path patterns
There is a small selection of paths that are patterned, but I’m not a big fan of any that are currently in the game. it would be great if I could design path patterns without having to save them as templates or mod them in.

Editing buildings
As my Hearthlings develop their skills I like to change parts of the designs to add more decorative items and larger buildings, unfortunately once a building has been built it stays completed for the rest of time. I never really see my buildings as complete unless it is some prefrabricated template I downloaded from the workshop, and as I’m never happy with the buildings I create on the first try, I’ve found myself relying on workshop templates more and more.
I think it would be more interesting if I could make changes after the building is complete so that the architecture of my town developed over time.

That’s about it for building feedback. I tend to type down all my feedback in a notepad file as I play, so I do have more feedback I want to give, I just thought it would be better not to unload it all in one big mess.

Thanks for making an awesome game and I hope to see it turn into something really great as you guys develop more of the beta.

You can delete single blocks. Use the hole tool for it

Oh, I thought that was only for walls. Thanks.

  • custom path patterns
    you might be able to mod that, just need to check how the current patterns were made
    but wont be able from the building interface

  • Template/Building naming
    you probably are in the main stable ver 860
    in the steam unstable that was already fixed so you’ll be ok :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Combine buildings
    you could do that by keeping open areas in your buildings walls (could be sealed by other building and destroyed when you have the next part)

  • Uprading furniture
    i think i saw a loooooot of post requesting that xD

  • Bed ownership
    also in suggestions area xD

  • Building mode colour
    also in suggestions area xD

are they any plans to be able to edit finished buildings ?

i believe that question had it’s answer but not sure and can’t remember where it was :sweat: