My little feedback

The item Tab, we should be able to place, replace and store items with it, even windows and doors.

About the houses,
will I be able to upgrade, redesigne and raze builded houses?
Like I do not want the sleeping quarter houses anymore I want two people houses but what to do with the houses I have build?

I can not place Items in buildings that I am planing.

how about an option to assign my people to houses/beds?
I want that Emma and Gerry sleep in that house. I want them to sit on those two chairts and eat together meals.

I think that if there is a table with chairs around it, my citizens should prioritize to sit there and eat and not at the nearest possibility.

I do not know if this is a bug or whatever but I build a house with a wall in it, to make it a 2 rooms house but the door in that wall was only on one side of the wall. The door was not passable.

The slicing and Xray view for diggin, could be one button not two, like the house inside view button. And maybe if you rightclick you’ll get a menue which view you want to choose. And with left click you go through the single views, like the house view button.(one button less)

It would be nice to see how many citizens I have, how many are female and male and how many have a job or are just workers.

When I select an item in my storage and place it, it should be highlighted or something like that, that I know that this item will be placed somewhere.

How about to be able to eraze a street and make it gras land again?
City redesigning!

While planing a digging site we should be able to delete planed dig squares.

In my last game I have got tons of crap to eat :stuck_out_tongue: sooooooo Why not give us a new available JOB -> The Cook <- to refine the basic stuff and help to decrease the amount but increase the happiness and filled tummys of my citizens.

WIll I be able to plant trees in the late game? Running out of wood is possible…

The Bulding menu,
okay this is hard to explain.
If i have 2 carpenters I should be able to craft stuff with at one and other stuff at the other like it is now.
BUT I wish that I could maybe tell them BOTH to build 10 chairs and both craft 5. Like a shared crafting tab where I choose to craft 10 chairs but both get the order to craft 5 instead of selecting one carpenter after another.
SHARED crafting window <-

OKAY that should be all for now.
Greate game, it is getting better and nbetter with each update and makes a FREAKING lot of fun.


Bug or you somehow managed to double up the walls, either next to or on top of each other. Screenshot of this if you can as I have managed to make a rough building inside doors and walls a while ago and I didn’t encounter this.

I know the feels here but you can get around this by using the place furniture tool in the build menu (think the icon is a chair). Give it a crack and you wont have this issue but the item has to be in a stockpile for it to show up.

You can by not having the dig tool active/selected but when your still able to see the building plans and trap zones in red etc (easy way is to select the mining tool then right click anywhere). You click the dig zone and click remove exactly like trapper zones.

Everyone has said this a LOT and its probably coming. If you manage to kill all the trees and use the wood I want screenshot evidence :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this idea, all carpenters working together on the same job, as you would IRL. I have yet to find the carpenters speed to be an issue though as I always have something else going on plus a downside of multiple carpenters or smiths is the sharing of the work and the XP to build the cool stuff. Maybe if they slowed em down.

Thats about all I can answer from my brief time stalking the forums.

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I will try to recreate this bug at the weekend.

I’ll try this.

Challenge ACCEPTED
Maybe the farmer can get a skill to plant trees or just plant them on the fields.

Would be a nice feature :smile:

Thank you for your tips

Oh and I like to give my feedback :smiley: it is nice to see stuff that you ask for or suggest made it into the game.
But I do not have much time … for detailed feedbacks and my english is a little bit rusty

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Tony (The Dev) has already said this will be ingame :smiley:

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Wooohaa =) nice to read

OH and how about beening able to see which stuff and how much I have in my stock piles?
Overall and only in the selected one.

you can see your overall amounts by clicking the blue flag on your toolbar! As for EA stockpile i doubt they will add it :frowning: