Building related ideas

So this suggestion has two parts. As most should know, the carpenter and other crafters are capable of making high quality versions of many pieces of furniture. These suggestions would make it easier to build (and update) buildings with new furniture.

  1. Under Gameplay in the settings, there should be a check box for “Prioritize high quality material (if available) when building”. Kinda long and could be shortened (use HQ furniture)… but it gets the point across. Say you’re building a cottage for two. There are two regular mean beds and three fancy mean beds (or whatever the actual name for the high quality mean bed is) in the inventory. The workers would prioritize the fancy mean beds over the regular beds.

  2. Add a button to the building menus for “upgrading furniture” in a building. So it’s been a long time since the first cottage or shared bedroom was built and it’s time to replace the old furniture with newer stuff. Replace the mean beds with comfy beds for instance. This would be a one button option to do that on a building-to-building basis.

Considering that building structures with the best material is important now to increasing your net worth, I think these suggestions would be useful for all players.